Ahoi! My name is Dario Hamidi and I write about programming here.

If you want to know about what I've done so far, check out my CV.

From Kakoune back to (Spac)Emacs

My brief stint with being a mostly happy kakoune user is coming to an end. After fighting the setup of too many language servers, I decided to give spacemacs an honest try [Read more]

Rails' hidden type system

Ruby on Rails comes with a hidden gem: ActiveModel::Attributes. It allows you define types for your attributes like dry-types without introducing an external dependency to your project. [Read more]

Build a bash builtin

Many use bash on a day-to-day basis, few have read the manual and even fewer know that you can extend bash with your own builtin. Writing a custom builtin is not difficult and offers a lot of possibilities. [Read more]

Inbox Zero

More changes! After re-reading Atomic Habits, unsubscribing from unwanted email upon receiving them turned into a habit that developed into maintaing empty inboxes.

Now it's hard to imagine how I was ok with anything else.

[Read more]

From Emacs to Kakoune

After ten years of using Emacs I decided to try out kakoune. It ended up being good and simple enough that I stuck with it for a few weeks now. [Read more]

Building a static website with React

Playing around with gatsby.js whetted my appetite for learning more about React. [Read more]